Prediction of e-learners’ progress and timely assessment of the achievement of learning outcomes in Lifelong Learning


What does “CRITON” mean?

Criton = Κρίτων (EL) →smart, intelligent

Criton is derived from the Greek verb “crino” (κρίνω- EL) which means think, criticize

We cordially invite you to the International CRITON Conference hosted by CTI “Diophantus” and Hellenic Open University in Patras, Greece, on Thursday 13th November 2014 supported by the CRITON project.
The conference will include invited presentations by experts from academia as well as contributed presentations describing the pilot users’ experience in the frame of CRITON project.


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The project CRITON is a transnational cooperation project to enhance the learning process in distance education systems and e-learning, using assessment methods for predicting the progress of students and to improve evaluation methods leading to better learning outcomes and more personalized learning.

Nowadays, distance education is a formalized learning system specifically designed to be carried out remotely by using ICT. To this sense, communication is a crucial factor in distance education because of physical distance between student and instructor, which often isolates and impairs the process of learning.

Hybrid learning blends face-to-face interaction with online learning and customarily involves the delivery of curricular materials, access to resources, submission of assignments, project based learning, and online discussions that may be asynchronous or synchronous in nature.

The project CRITON will try to reduce the number of people leaving these types of training (distance or hybrid) or fail at the final evaluation process  through accurately and timely prediction of the performance of trainees.

In the project participate 7 partners from 6 different countries of Europe (Greece, Austria, Finland, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany). Lead partner of the CRITON project is CTI & Press “Diophantus” and Project Coordinator is Prof. John Garofalakis.

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